Event Clusters and Social Change – Women in Positions of Political Power

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2 Responses

  1. Keri says:

    Fabulous questions about the role of women in American society. I do wonder if the success of these outstanding women can mean the ceiling is shattered for all women? Considering the way that we continue to view the hearings (as evidenced by the questions asked about them) and the way the women in these positions are viewed (think of the questions ask of Palin regarding her family life), I also wonder if these women truly regard the ceiling as shattered. Your post has me thinking!

  2. Dena T. Smith says:

    I wonder the same things, actually – whether these women feel like the glass ceiling has been shattered (I’d love to be a fly on Hillary Clinton’s wall if she ever talks about this candidly) and also whether this is the case for women in general. There certainly is a “type” of woman for whom the ceiling has at least begun to crack. But this really is only for the well-educated, politically-minded, wealthy women – and even then, they have to check certain elements of their femininity at the door, while simultaneously emphasizing other elements (they can’t be a pushover, but they also shouldn’t be too “masculine,” etc). And, certainly, the way that women are dissected as political candidates or supreme court nominees is completely different than the attitude toward men. I was reminded of the condescension toward Clinton in some of the debates when watching Kagan’s confirmation hearing.
    Thanks for your comments!

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