Sexing Up the Sex Ed Classroom Revisited

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  1. scarlettbrown says:

    I haven’t managed to watch all of the video yet as (it is quite high quality and my internet is struggling with it) but it seems really excellent, and a refreshing change from much of what I have seen before. It’s kept enough humour and sex appeal to speak to teenagers, and doesn’t patronise with its information which I think is really important.
    It will be interesting to see if Iceland have any repercussions regarding the showing of this to all adolescents, some of the problems arise (in the UK at least) when parents are allowed to opt thier children out of the sex education, something I could see happening a lot in the U.S. if this kind of video was shown. It looks as though Iceland has had very positive feedback so far.

    I agree with you entirely, sex education needs to be sex-positive, otherwise it is either teaching the wrong message, or it is isolating those teenagers that already have sexual experience and recognise it as fun. Here’s hoping other countries follow suit!

  1. 4th August 2013

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