Title IX: Way Beyond Athletics

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  1. Letta Page says:

    In an interesting side note, I recently read that famed wrestler (and now-foe of the IOC) Dan Gable felt that Title IX robbed his schools’ wrestling programs of money and would later ask political candidates seeking his endorsement only one question: Do you support Title IX? He is most definitely a single-issue voter!

  2. Royal Payne says:

    Fantastic post detailing all the positivity that has been gleaned from Title IX outside of the athletic realm. However, bringing it back to athletics where as you stated Title IX gets the most attention one only needs look at Liz Clarke’s piece about the University of Maryland counting a multi female sport athlete multiple times or adding low budget, low profile activities that are not defined as a sport by the NCAA such as cheerleading while cutting male programs to meet the requirements of Title IX The law has provided many wonderful opportunities to women. But Accredited universities are finding loopholes that need closing.

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