Puppy Love: People and Their Relationships with Animals and Pets

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  1. Letta Page says:

    There was also a great article in Contexts back in Summer ’10 called “Our Animals, Ourselves,” that might be of interest to readers: http://contexts.org/articles/summer-2010/our-animals-ourselves/

  2. Jen Lois says:

    See also Leslie Irvine’s amazing books, “If You Tame Me,” a theoretically rich book on explaining the connection between humans and animals, and her brand new “My Dog Always Eats First” about homeless people and their animals. FASCINATING stuff!!

  3. cllewellyn says:

    Thank you, Letta and Jen, for the additional readings!

  1. 25th January 2013

    […] Lens. Soc. Lens starts a conversation on people and pets, asking whether cultural norms dictate our relationships with animals (in short: yup). Add your […]

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