When Prosumption is Law, the Prosumer is King (for Now)

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  1. kiyallsmith says:

    What a new perspective on prosumption. I suppose this would be a serious tax boon for the government, but how would it impact consumption and production more broadly?


  2. pj.rey says:

    I think a ruling of this sort would ultimately be untenable. It is unimaginable the we would follow such logic out to its fullest extent. Could the government really tax facebook for all the free labor provided by users through their individual consumption of the site?

    Prosumption still remains completely outside any legal discourse, so while newly emergent social phenomena are forcing the courts to address issues created by prosumption, I don’t think there exists an awareness on the part of the juridical system that it is even engaged in codifying the proliferating processes of prosumption.

    This has a couple important implications: 1.) We are likely to see many disparate rulings that only ex post facto are understood to be directed at the same phenomena. Ultimately, we must expect the conflicting precedents set by such cases to culminate in a high court ruling. 2.) Prosumption is likely to emerge in popular discourse, resulting in the crystallization of a new ideology associated with the new capitalist institutions for which prosumption is a sine qua non. Nathan Jurgenson has argued previously that cyberlibertarianism might be the ideology of prosumer capitalism. I concur, and would argue that Silicon Valley has already presented itself as the vanguard of this emergent ideology.

    Despite the emergence of these new prosumer institutions and this new prosumer ideology, however, production and consumption in large sectors of society will probably remain unaffected in the foreseeable future.

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