Stress Sweat and Stress about Sweat

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  1. Sunny says:

    Wonderful article. I’d like to add that the products featured above also don’t work any more effectively than their regular ones — “Clinical” is just a way for them to charge $10 a stick vs $3.

    They also sell a scent that is called “Fresh” that is made with Febreeze. That’s right, even natural scents are no longer good enough — you need to smell like cleaning products to really smell great!

  2. Marie says:

    Great article! Critical and well- written 😉 Thanks for sharing the thruth with us!

  3. naena says:

    This society needs people like this writer. I wish those who are so Internet savvy start a project for “at least one woman senator for each State”.

    I am an old man originally from a small island on the side of the globe. (My mother was a woman!). Recently, I got to read a book on this island written in mid 1600s
    (search ‘Nothing so common as’ to get a taste)

    I ask you to read this book keeping in mind it was written by a person with a devout faith and the people he describes were people with no religion. Notice how free and equal the women were then, before religions that sprung up in the desert spread with the power of sword reached there and even by little reduced the power of woman (civilization!)

  4. M40 says:

    This is yet another example of junk-science and/or pseudo-science used to hock products to gullible people at double or triple the normal price.

    I saw the ‘Secret’ deodorant commercial and heard their claim that “stress sweat smells worse than normal sweat”. Sounded sketchy, so I went online looking for the study to back this claim. Nothing to be found except a few articles… all leading back to (as if you couldn’t guess) Proctor & Gamble or Secret.

    This reminds me of those stupid games they claim make you ‘smarter’ (and then charge you a hefty monthly fee to use). Yet all the actual studies say that they don;t actually make you “smarter”, but can build new neural pathways (as can ANY new activity). In fact, they are no more effective than doing crossword puzzles or a myriad of other activities (which are all FREE).

  1. 13th March 2013

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