the iPad favors passive consumers not active prosumers

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  1. Keri says:

    I wonder if Apple is an expert in making consumption more enjoyable, allowing us to experience content anywhere, anytime. The devices accomplish this in a user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing way.

    It might be the case that the iPad is not competing with PC tablets, but with televisions, radios, books, personal gaming devices, newspapers, magazines, and more. This is arguably a much larger market. Apple already produces light, powerful, user-friendly laptop computers (I am writing this comment on one). Rather than producing an iPad that competes with them, they have produced an iPad that enhances another aspect of consumption. This kind of product will likely be quite popular in a world shifting towards weightless capitalism.


  2. nathanjurgenson says:

    1-i think content producers can use the device as you describe – as a consumption device that compliments production devices (macbook). however, i do foresee many people, especially without lots of disposable income, carrying both around. when one is in class, on the train, at the coffee shop, etc, it will be an either/or situation, and apple is betting on passive consumerism…

    2-the point that apple is trying to make consumption more “enjoyable”, “pleasing” way is spot on. i’d use the term “spectacular”, remembering debord’s (and others’) point on the spectacle. how to “enchant” one’s experience by way of spectacle to keep us smiling, wowed, happy and therefore passive.

    3-last, the iPad is indeed another indicator of weightlessness! i wanted to work that in, but these posts get so long so fast… all of our books, records, magazines, newspapers, etc. all on one device. many of which are not even on the hard drive but instead in the ‘cloud’. information is dissolving into itself!

  3. AppleInsider tells us that the USB Camera Connection kit is not crippled, the way Bluetooth is on the iPod Touch, but supports a variety of USB devices . This is a bit of evidence against the argument that the iPad is not a prosumer device. While it is not primarily a prosumer device, it’s not completely locked down, and enhanced mobility of the thing may make it a more effective micro-blogging, micro-podcasting platform.

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