Exploring Homelessness: Causation and Measures of Eradication

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  1. Joe Hatch says:

    I’ve been homeless. It is a humbling experience. I have a University education and worked at this same university for a number of years until I became ill for many years with Bi-polar disorder. You say you’ve talked to homeless people and that’s fine, but try being one. It gives you a whole new outlook.

    It is my opinion that capitalism does create an “underclass” which is stigmatized, marginalized, and deemed to be the “fault” of the homeless person. This is particularly shown by my own experience where people told me to “just find somewhere to live.” As I come from a middle class back-round no empathy let alone help was forthcoming from friends or family. My welfare benefits allow me $270 per month for lodging. You can’t rent a storage space let alone find a decent place to live. So essentially the state is unable and unwilling to fully take care of it’s most needy citizens due to capitalist ideology.(e.g. protestant work ethic).

  2. Alexandra says:

    By Alexandra Ring
    Homelessness is caused when someone lost their home or doesn’t have any money to get a home. The independent variable are the people and the dependent variable is money or a job. You need to rely on having a job to get money to have a place to live. People will always be around that won’t change. The sociological perspective is that people who have jobs and money for a home and food don’t realize that how many are consistently hungry and homeless. In bigger cities, people who see anyone homeless can and should help, they are probably use to the sight, whereas in a smaller town (like mine), it’s harder to understand or know how many are homeless, I rarely see it; if I did I would give some money to help.
    Homelessness occurs because someone may have lost their home in a natural disaster such as a hurricane or tornado, they could have lost their job and been without a job for a long time and ran out of money, being born into a extremely poor family or in a poor town, and this is a little awkward but someone can be homeless if they got kicked out of a home and doesn’t know anyone to help or take them in. And last not paying your bills can cause the government to take your house and property away.
    I think these are the most common because it’s what can happen in real world situations, it’s proof and a law if you don’t pay your bills the government will come and take it away. Also natural disasters happen around the world that leaves many hungry and homeless.
    Thank you for reading and I hope you learned from my own post.

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