Does your life pass the Bechdel Test?

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  1. Letta Page says:

    I’ve been doing a lot with the Bechdel Test lately, and one update I’d love to see is a fourth criterion or an addition to the third: do they talk about something other than their bodies? I think it’s both a common topic (as to your friend’s assertion that women *do* often talk about their partners, whether men or women, with each other) *and* a pop culture trope. Think of how many commercials make it look as though we stand about in the gym going, “Gosh I wish I had your gorgeous body! I’m such a pile of useless blubber!” The other woman is then expected to respond with her own extensive critique of *her* body.

  2. scarlettbrown says:

    Letta, I think that would be a really good addition to both real-life and cultural appearances of the Bechdel test. I think there is definitely something in there about the difficulties of taking compliments, or of using comparisons with other women in order to rate ourselves. I think I’m lucky, in that my female friends are mostly very feminist and we call each other out on the self-body-shaming, but I know lots that don’t.
    I suppose though, in the Bechdel context it is the inference that ‘if I had a body like yours I would be better suited to my pursuit of men”, rather than “I wish my body was stronger, fitter or better suited to reaching my own goals”, although differentiating those is always tricky.

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