Difference and Support: To be a (Queer) Scholar of Color

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2 Responses

  1. George Byrne says:

    This is really interesting. I have only had a chance to skim it but will read it properly later. My next post is going to be on being working class in academia. It is interesting how rarely we talk about these things. people assume that academia is progressive and that gender, class, colour, sexuality etc are no longer obstacles to those who wish to study at postgraduate level.

    Though I am aware that my position is one of privilege (white, male, able bodied, ‘straight’, thirty something etc) I still feel like I am living and working in a world in which I stand out as unusual because I grew up working class.

    Your statement: ‘Within my department, there were no professors of color: thus, no role models to look up to’, rings true for me, too. Only I would substitute ‘professors of color’ for ‘working class professors’. I was lucky in my undergraduate degree that I had a couple of professors who did come from less privileged class backgrounds and they supported me a lot. But I don’t think this is the norm.

    Also, I think it is great that you have offered to be a person that people in a similar situation can reach out to. Maybe you can be the role model that others need!

  2. M.L.S.Grier says:

    Thanks so much for speaking to the reality that many of us face (or have faced) during our graduate careers. Your voice resonates, and with hope, will continue to ring out.


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