Paula Cooper's Second Chance: The Power of Restorative Justice?

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3 Responses

  1. Allan Miller says:

    This story is disgusting on so many levels, it’s hard to even process.

    “Restorative Justice”? Unless you can restore the life of Ruth Pelke, there is NO justice. She is still dead, and her family is just as ‘without’ her as they were on the day she was brutally murdered.

    This is an almost unbelievable message to send out to kids with ‘anger management’ problems. It establishes the premise that society will never ultimately hold you responsible for anything that you do. “Go ahead, throw that tantrum.. do what it takes to ‘find yourself’ .. ‘sow your wild oats’.. just murder people and get it all out of your system. Because after enough time has passed..and emotions have died down.. and you’ve accepted Jesus.. and gotten a GED.. and learned to bake.. blah blah blah.. whatever whatever – that’ll make everything ok!

    Yes.. I believe she should be sharing her story with high school kids.. but it will be all smoke and mirrors and of ZERO effect if she’s not doing it dressed in an orange jumpsuit and wearing shackles, and letting that same group of kids know that as soon as she says “Thank you” after her speech, armed guards will escort her right back to that bus, taking her to where she’ll spend her living eternity in a hell hole that is far nicer than the one she allowed to Ruth Pelke.

    Shame on you, Indiana – Shame on you for allowing this. My heart goes out to Paula, it really does. I wish she’d had better parenting,,, I wish that her teachers in school had been allowed by the world’s biggest bully (the Imperial Federal Government) to hold her to a higher standard.. to tell her when she was messing up, so that it might not have gone this far. But alas, the system no longer allows for that. If we do not establish the concept of Consequences for those looking on, we are living a complete lie. I’m sorry, but there are some actions which can never be redeemed here on Earth.

    You can dance around the politically correct may pole all you want .. but no intelligent person can debate on this: and that is that not only is there NO “Restorative Justice” for Ruth Pelke – but by not meting out the full measure of punishment for Ms. Cooper, we make a mockery of her entire life.

  2. Double Ducks says:

    What were the pitfalls that Paula fell into? I have searched the internet for that story and have found nothing. That is the only virtue to come out of the life of Paula. Yet the press only talks of her suicide, her murder … what were the pitfalls that if exposed, could save other young adults from the same fate? Guess it’s not that important.

  3. Bill Pelke says:

    Thank you Double Ducks

    The press talked in length about the pitfalls after she was arrested in 1995. There is a ton of information out there. I have a lot of it myself. I hope someday the entire pictured is painted and we can learn from it.

    I am the grandson mentioned in the article. When Paula Cooper was released she was on parole and part of her conditions was that there be no contact with the victims family. I was never able to meet her outside of prison. Now that she has committed suicide I really question that rule. Not that I didn’t question it when I first heard about it. We exchanged probably over 500 forms of communication. I visited her 14 times in the 28 years she was in prison, but she gets out and we can’t have contact. I don’t get it!

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