“Free” Heroin on the NHS

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2 Responses

  1. kiyallsmith says:

    The moral dimension of this issue is particularly absurd–given that morals are not unchanging and it is possible (seemingly) to regard addiction as a medical condition rather than an immoral behavior. This has, arguably, happened to some extent with the medicalization of methods to quit smoking with medicated gum or skin patches.

    What an interesting post. The presence of this experiment is interesting in itself.


  2. dave says:

    addiction to substances that alter brain chemistry therefore changing the way one chooses to feel (or not to feel) is prevalent in all aspects of modern society, from alcohol to nicotine, caffeine, red bull, sugar to name but a few. because these are legal they can be considered socially acceptable modern lifestyle accompaniments. ok now criminalise alcohol is your view one of, it is still socially acceptable and the governments policy is now socially unacceptable?
    now throw in the many thousands of people addicted to vallium , temazepam and other benzodiazepines because their view is one of ” I cant cope without my medication”
    (note valium is such a mind altering drug that it is the only group of medicines where if you were spiked without your knowledge and then committed a crime, you can run a legitimate defence of automatism (not in control of your behaviour to such an extent as to potentially get away with murder) in a nutshell they should legalise all criminal aspects of drug dependence….. but here is a thought, consider all the people employed by hm courts probation police lawyers judges all aspects of the whole prison system plus more that I cannot think of, how many employees does that account for? now consider some 85 percent of the revolving prisoners within the system suddenly not commiting crime because we have legalised all problems related to drug dependence and acquisition. how many unemployed????? they will never decriminalise heroin for this fact alone

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