Local Level Immigration Control: A Necessity or a Justification for Discrimination?

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  1. jeffdowd says:

    I think that many who support 287g in polls do so not only due to fear of violent crime but the belief that illegal immigration itself is a crime and the nation must enforce it’s immigration laws.

    The problem, as I see it, is that no one seems willing to challenge the justice of immigration laws. Now, of course, many want to change those laws but those changes don’t challenge the morality of previous laws and instead criticize those who broke the laws that we are about to change. For example, virtually all path to citizenship plans include some penalty for violating the old immigration laws.

    Until someone prominent is willing to say that current immigration laws are unjust and therefore those who violated them should not be penalized I fear the debate will remain locked in the current stalemate. Obama’s recent moves are a step away from stalemate but he continues to add support to the idea that amnesty is, like “socialism,” a four-letter word. Amnesty, however, is the correct policy for those who violated unjust laws – and since the post asked what I think – I think current federal immigration laws are unjust and therefore the 287g program, even if run without problems, would be unjust.

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