Social Media: Documentation as Stratification

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  1. Lily says:

    As an individual in the age group (though it is broadening) that desires to be constantly connected to online forums where documentation is a possibility (facebook, twitter), I think you make some very valid points.

    As someone who will admit to checking her facebook multiple times a day, I think that there is definitely a contingent of facebook (and twitter, but mainly facebook) users who have come to “live for the documents,” rather allowing these forums to be a convenient way to share experiences with others. And it is evident in the way some individuals present themselves on these sites.

    While I agree that our relationship with these sites and the need to constantly document/the shift to “living for the documents” is a form of habitus, I think this characterization is problematic. Facebook and Twitter are not naturally occurring phenomenon. It is frightening that lives and activities are now shaped around the ability of one to document them. Personally, I don’t want social networking sites to be eliminated, but I think they are largely problematic in that they now permeate every area of our lives. I can know what friends did over the weekend even if I wasn’t with them through pictures, comments, and status updates. Sure, these sites are great in terms of keeping in touch with friends, planning events, and sharing information, but I think we have allowed them to become too invasive.

  1. 7th May 2010

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