Science confirms that we're "amusing ourselves to death": A new study reports that television can, in fact, kill you

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  1. Keri says:

    It appears that there are some shocking threshold effects embedded in this study. I think the story of “why” this occurs is particularly important. It seems that this cannot be all about the sedentary aspect–some people must have been sedentary before TV.


  2. Katherine says:

    “People who watched more than four hours a day showed an 80% greater risk of death from cardiovascular disease and a 46% higher risk of all causes of death compared with those who watched fewer than two hours a day, suggesting that being sedentary could have general deleterious effects.”

    Sure, but that sedentary lifestyle may also be the result of those “deleterious effects”. The women at my grandmother’s care home watch TV all day because they’re old and frail and can’t really do that much else. If one of them died of cardiovascular disease, I certainly wouldn’t blame it on their TV-viewing habits.

    Correlation is not causation!

    Similarly, someone who is depressed, or someone who, for whatever reason, can’t get out much, might find themselves spending a lot of time in front of the TV. That’s why I think you’re right on to suggest we ask why some people are watching excessively. It would be more helpful than simply pointing out the correlation (again), which seems to instill a vague fear of media rather than pointing towards ways to make our lives more active and fulfilling.

  1. 13th January 2010

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