Out of Print: Prosumption and the Triumph of New Media

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  1. kiyallsmith says:

    The story of exploitation and prosumption in media is very interesting. I also wonder about the functions of media in a democracy–and whether those can be met by prosumpution? Can the media present alternatives to the dominant ideology–and have those ideas communicated broadly enough–if we are all prosumers of unchecked media. I guess a broader question would be do we need the institutions of media to be able to accomplish the functions of media in a democracy?


  2. pj.rey says:


    I very much agree that freedom and democracy are what is more fundamentally at stake here. The questions you raise are of great political and philosophical concern. We really need to reevaluate:

    1.) The essence of human creativity. To what extent do traditional hierarchical institutions enhance/inhibit creativity? Can we be creative outside the influence of such institutions? Can we even exist if such structures are not available to produce us (i.e., can we prosume ourselves into being)?

    2.) What is the nature of power within a prosumer society (i.e., a society for whose central institutions prosumption is a sine qua non)? Are Foucault’s sovereign and disciplinary power robust enough concepts to satisfactorily account for the organization of such a world? Are Hardt and Negri correct in saying Foucault’s project didn’t go far enough, that a new power-knowledge regime has emerged, and that in this new “society of control” power is largely diffused among the many?

    The problem of our time is that our great thinkers are too frequently insulated from these seismic technological shifts. Yet, until these minds (or, perhaps, the creativity of an emergent prosuming multitude) are brought to bear on these all-to-imperative questions, we have little guidance for taking action to address the potentially alarming implications you have raised regarding this enormous shift in our social organization.

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