Woody Guthrie Turns 100: The Folk Icon, His Music, and Social Movements

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  1. Taylor says:

    I will just start by saying I love Woody Guthrie! Music most definitely can be a catapult for social movements. Music is universal and especially when artists leave the lyrics of their songs up to interpretation; it provides many different listeners with the opportunity to relate to the songs. People rally behind these songs and they become a message for social movement. The social movements in the 1960’s are evidence of how music reflects the times. Music changed along with the people drastically in the 1960’s. People such as Bob Dylan, who was heavily influenced by Woody Guthrie, became the spokesperson for that generation. The music forms the cultural identity of that generation. Music excites people and can be a motivator especially when the songs have meanings that question authority. Woody Guthrie was extremely important in helping the social movements of his time and his music helped influence many social movements after his time.

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