Masculinity Breaking Bad: Walter White and the Fallouts from Complicit Masculinity

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  1. Amanda says:

    Nicely done. This post captures the intricacies of the show. I’ve seen a few blog posts recently that really emphasize Walt’s problematic masculinity, but forget that the audience (mostly) is no longer rooting for Walt by the end, but rather mourning everything that he loses to his Heisenberg alter-ego. But you’re also right to point out that some fans, and the producers, still want Walt to “die like a man”, forgetting that it is this drive to ‘be a man’ that has literally ruined his life. I also think you really tie in the class and race issues nicely, which many other analyses have left out. His aspirations are rooted in classed desires as much as gendered ones (and class and gender a mutually constitutive). All around, really insightful piece.

  2. nosyaj says:

    Very insightful piece. Really exposes not only the hegemonic masculine meaning behind the character walter white, but also picks out the negotiation process in which the dominant structure consents with the subordinates: being everyone walter has explained his complicity as “for his family” but really was for the drive of his own embodied masculinity he never got to achieve until .. Heisenberg. this is very helpful to the hegemony paper I will be writing for my popular culture course, thanks 🙂

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