The Conundrum of Animal Rights

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  1. Daniel says:

    “How then, does a species that cannot objectively respect the rights of other human beings reconcile whether life forms that are largely considered inferior are endowed with similar innate rights” Anyone, animal or human, is endowed with rights according to his or her needs and capacities. If an animal has the capacity to suffer, that is a reason to protect them from harm. This doesn’t mean giving them all of the same rights – like the right to vote for example. But they do have the right not to be tortured, etc., and such appropriate rights should be guaranteed by law – even if the animal abuser is an industry such as the fur or meat industries. I don’t know that I agree that rights “are purely human constructs,” at least any more than anything else. Certain rights seem universal, such as the right of any innocent being not to be tortured or killed for trivial gain, and it seems that this right belongs to any human or animal with a desire to live free from suffering.

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