Scientific Research or Illegal Operation?

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  1. Dave Head says:

    For a nation that did relatively minor whale research before the 1986 ‘zero quota’, Japan suddenly found a reason to get very interested in research. For the 35 years prior to 1986 Japan ‘reportedly’ killed 800 whales [23p.a] for research purposes. From 1986 the ‘reported’ tally stands at just under 19,000 whales, a large number from endangered species or endangered stocks [populations]. The there is the IUU catch [incidental-unreported unregulated] from such things as ‘by-catch’ net entanglment and probably targeted kills. This is estimated to match the so-called’ regulated -research catch. Japan is also in violation of many treaties, conventions and regulations-especailly in the southern ocean. It’s research quota is a clear breach of rights of Article VIII of the Whaling Convention.
    In August 2006, investigations revealed that Japan had been illegally overfishing for Southern Bluefin tuna over a period of 20 years, taking 178,000 tons of tuna above what was allowed. Southern Bluefin tuna is now considered critically endangered by the IUCN. Japan is now responsible for consuming 80% of the Northern Blue fin tuna population and recently blocked moves for this species to be classified as endangered by CITES.
    One could be excused for calling Japan ‘global ocean pirates’.
    If it were not for the actions of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society much of Japans whaling operations would still be hidden from the world.

  2. Mara says:

    The only scientific findings these poachers have learned is the whales eat fish.

    The fact that the International community stands by and lets this illegal hunting of whales by the Japanese continue, just shows how countries can be “bought”. Negotiations under the table are the rule of order.

    These hunters were in the marine sanctuary in Australian waters just recently. The Australian coast guard did not escort them out, only the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and they did a fine job!!!!

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