Occupy What?

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3 Responses

  1. bob abtar says:

    interesting that its a protest about people trying to get representation and the media is only interviewing certain kinds of people.

  2. jeffdowd says:

    I think such movements are tied to mass media coverage. twitter and facebook are useful organizing tools but i haven’t seen any evidence that they can build public support. part of the reason may be the character limits on these forms of social media. a facebook post cannot compete with a 5 minute news segment complete with images and video.

    i also think the framing of the movement is essential and the aforementioned news segment can erect and solidify a frame in a way that a facebook post or a twitter message cannot. For example, your article mentions the diversity of the participants but the media coverage has downplayed that diversity. instead, most Americans may view protesters as privileged kids complaining. to the extent that this frame takes hold the protests and the movement will bleed support.

    on the other hand, much has been made about the effective message of the 99% and the public support for less inequality. this is a winning frame with regard to public opinion but i’m unsure if the current political opportunity structure will really allow for the kind of economic policy changes required to reverse growing inequality. right now, i believe there is an opening for vague populist speeches (like the one Obama recently gave) but not actual policy changes.

  1. 25th May 2012

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