Light capitalism, prize economics, and the prosumer

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  1. nathanjurgenson says:


    prosumption, liquidity and weightlessness do seem like increasingly relevant tools to ‘think with’, as your post and others who reprinted my previous post seem to indicate. so many examples in the video game world. great examples in your post here. so…where to go with it? ~nathan

  2. kiyallsmith says:

    Every time I see an iPhone advertisement that features applications, I am amazed that Apple uses user generated content to sell its hardware. And it must be effective because these applications seem to feature prominently in the print advertisements (at least). It seems that capitalists are happy to sell what may not necessarily “belong” to them. In some ways this is an old story though–colonial expansion was all about concentrating global wealth in the hands of a few.

    I think this makes Nathan’s question even more important–where do we go with it?


  1. 21st September 2009

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  2. 22nd October 2009

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  3. 9th March 2010

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