Facebook Places and the Augmentation of Reality

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6 Responses

  1. Jen says:

    “to what degree can the tail of digital documentation come to wag the dog of lived experience?”

    I’m not sure I agree that that’s a binary…

  2. i’m inclined to agree – can you expand on this? ~nathan

  3. Keri Iyall Smith says:

    Jen–This is exactly why I am not on FaceBook and have no plans to join. Generally I stay away from social media, which limits me to (old school) email for contact and interactions.

    I did hear about FaceBook Places and also heard about a rush by many users to disable the feature. What does that say about how users feel about this feature? And who might benefit from this feature?

    Great post!


    • keri – users also rushed to remove the “news stream”, which is now the sites most popular feature. but your point is well taken, especially when these sites take a “we know what you want more than you do” stance (even if, again, they sometimes do).

      regarding the “who benefits” question: first, if users are posting new and new types of info, facebook benefits. profits grow.

      but, another debate around the “who benefits from internet visibility” question should be to ask how to leverage visibility to benefit the subordinated, the vulnerable, etc. so far i seem only to read how visibility harms those less powerful. but that is another post (also, see PJ Rey’s excellent posts on this topic). ~nathan

  4. Ollie says:

    It’s like everyone gets to be famous. An important politician has to be careful about everything he does, especially about where he goes. If we can publicize our own lives to the same extent, we are bound by the same rules.

    Except unlike important politicians, nobody gives a shit about what we do.

    • people surely give a shit about what others do online. self-presentation and socializing online is very important to many people. for many, the social networking presence is very much tied up with everyday life, and therefore is indeed of consequence. ~nathan

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