Wake Up and See the Carolina Blue: Color Blindness in Wake County, NC

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  1. cbermingham says:

    I really enjoyed this post and you raise such critical questions while drawing attention to work by Patricia Hill Collins and Angela Davis. I do think that this assumption/belief that as a society we’ve reached a level of achievement in regards to social justice – racism, sexism, etc – and democracy – is growing. Worse is the subsequent notion that we’ve fought ‘that’ battle and ‘won’ and therefore these issues are not something to keep dialoguing about and working for. I encounter this type of reasoning both in and outside the classroom and it can be really challenging to build dialogue around these issues. I think that asking questions like you have posed here at the end are exactly the way to go. As educators we are in an amazing position to re-open this ‘book’ and to challenge ourselves and our students to dialogue about these issues. I look forward to reading more from P.H. Collins on this and perhaps to future posts that explore this issue more!

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