Rethinking Behavior Change, Nudge-style

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  1. Choice architects can get people to make “better” decisions. But making good decisions isn’t good enough. Individuals and society suffer a great deal from the failure of people to actually behave in accord with the good decisions and choices they make. In general, we humans do a lousy job of following through on our own good intentions. With regard to health, finances, relationships, etc., we make a practice of intelligently figuring out what we should do, promising ourselves we’ll do it, but then often we simply don’t follow through.

    A clinical psychologist who’s been obsessed for years with making sense of this troubling aspect of human nature, I believe that society has opportunities to improve individual and collective effectiveness and well-being by creating mechanisms that allow individuals to be “willingly forced” to behave in accord with their own good intentions.

    For anyone who’s interested in exploring the topic of poor follow through, there’s a 17 minute presentation I prepared on the subject at

  2. It comes down to preferences. Yes we are “nudged” towards a certain behaviour when Government shapes the behavioural landscape, but nudges should be used to accomodate people´s long term and explicitly stated goal.

    It seems that most of academia struggles with the realization that we often “do not act in accordance with our own best interests” not from any objective stance, but according to the subject itself.

    Nudge does well because it shifts the cognitive burden – thereby making the “bad” choice the one that has to actively chosen and not the default.

    Nudging is not the same as norms – we have norms for fitness, norms for relationships, norms for citizenship, and behavioural architects should respect these norms, not change them. But the same could be said for ANYONE who has the power to influence choice. When Government taxes cigarettes, fat or sugar, it´s doing exactly the same as when someone nudges us towards health and fitness.

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