A World Beyond/Without Gender?

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  1. I appreciate the thoughtful comments above, and agree that the issues of short-term strategy and long-term utopian goals are often complex. In the short run, in a world where many women take more time from their worklives to care for other human beings, special protections for mothers often help women and children after a divorce. But gender-specific laws encode inequality into social institutions, and reinforce women’s primary responsibility for caretaking. So too, when we use “male” values such as valor and honor to encourage men to combat other men’s violence against women, we include more male collaborators in an important cause. But I’d argue we do violence against women, today and in the future, by defining valor and honor as male attributes.

    Tough calls, for sure. I think we have to keep our eyes on the prize, which is a future world beyond gender. Where no one thinks caretaking is women’s work and being honorable makes one more of a man, instead of more of a human being.

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