The Question of Why

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  1. socmatters says:

    The issue of “choice” is always better understood when problematized in ways Collins’ highlights. Her matrix of domination is also revealing when applied to understanding how Bristol Palin’s pregnancy is a “private, family matter” while the “out-of-wedlock” pregnancies of young women of color have continually been pointed to as the causes of poverty, welfare dependence, etc.

  2. pacard says:

    I think that maximalist arguments do not help us to read the social world. I have the impression that normative (e.g. welfare type) and academic (that is mainly white, liberal, and middle class) discourses on race have helped to conceal the issue of class. That is, there is the tendency to think about ethnic minority groups as ‘poor’ or ‘working-class’. On teenagers pregnancy, there is a wonderful ethnography by Elijah Anderson (‘The Code of the Street’), in which he clearly distinguish between ‘decent’ and ‘street oriented’ families in inner city Philadelphia. There is a hopefully exhaustive summary of his chapter ‘The Mating Game’ in my blog:

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