Asian Values and Women's Rights

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3 Responses

  1. PSKPI.ORG says:

    Human rights are universal.

    I think each individual in the world agrees that human rights should be protected. However, in determining what is counted as human rights is not neutral. It is dictated by those who have power and domination.

    With respect to Hamid’s campaign, I think, it is not different from what politicians do in the West. They always try to please their prospective constituents.

    Many thanks

  2. kiyallsmith says:

    I wonder if Karzai would respond differently to international pressures if he had a stronger base at home. It seems that the same weakness that led Karzai to pass the law is also, ironically, perhaps protecting women in the long run. How interesting!


  3. christinablunt says:

    PSKIP.ORG, you make a very good point that there is a good deal of disagreement on what ought to constitute a human right. Additionally, you are correct that this sort of political pandering occurs in both the East and the West.

    I’m not sure that it can be claimed that all individuals in the world agree that human rights should be protected, if women’s rights are not included in this category. I think you will find that the debate over the universality of human rights is far more complicated. Some scholars argue that a right is not a right unless it is accompanied by recourse. If individuals do not have reason to believe that their “rights” will be realized, do they exist?

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