Creating a Market for Biodiversity Stewardship

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2 Responses

  1. kiyallsmith says:

    Does the ITGRFA say anything about GMO crops? The marketing of such crops has been criticized for discouraging farmers from using local varieties and also contributing to the use of more chemical fertilizers and pesticides.


  2. esminihan says:

    Thank you for the comment Keri. The increase in GMO crops is certainly a contributing factor to the loss of local and diverse crop varieties. In that sense, the projects funded by the ITGRFA are helping to counter this negative impact, and so are likely supported by those suspect of the long-term benefit of that approach. However, even if one generally accepts the GMO approach to addressing productivity and environmental issues related to agriculture, the preservation of genetic variety is still important for research efforts in this area. The GMO debate itself is quite fascinating, and your question has inspired me to work on a post in this area.

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