Young people, technology and the ‘problem’ of sexting.

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4 Responses

  1. Anam Waris says:

    The darker side of technology is threatening to privacy, spoiling the nature of interpersonal relationships among youth.Being sociologist we should observe the impact of technology on our lives like, How it is shaping our identities? How we restructure our social relationships etc.

  2. scarlettbrown says:

    I agree we need to observe how technology affects our lives, but I don’t agree it is ‘spoiling’ interpersonal relationships, and it is too easy to simply dismiss generations below as being ‘ruined’ by technology. For example, technology changes the way we can communicate, but I don’t think it alters the importance or meaning of communication.

  3. lunad says:

    Agreed that this trend is not all bad. Unlike other forms that early sexual experimentation can take, distance can make it easier to say no to further escalation, and there is no risk of unplanned pregnancy or disease. On the flip side, there is greater risk of intimate details being leaked to the community and beyond in the form of photographs. But, it was always the case that people could spread rumors and gossip, whether there was photographic proof or not, especially if the partner was willing to brag.

  1. 12th November 2015

    […] send images upon request, whereas 13-year old boys send them unsolicited. Both girls and boys are prioritizing male sexual desires over female sexual […]

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