The Presentation of Self…in Dating

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  1. socialtechno says:

    This feels like one of the biggest social shifts in history. Whether that’s true or not might take a hundred years to sort out, but things are very different today than they were a generation ago.

  2. nathanjurgenson says:

    we should balance the view presented here of dishonest or strategic online presentations of self with the fact that they are also honest in many ways. especially online dating sites. while it is the case that men are slightly dishonest about their height, the profiles are actually pretty accurate because the moment when one meets in person, face-to-face, much of the dishonesty unique to the internet disappears (see Holme et al 2004, “structure and time evolution of an Internet dating community”).

    the same follows for social networking site profiles (e.g., facebook). since one’s friends on facebook are intertwined with one’s material-world connections, one cannot be very dishonest in their digital self-presentations. In a sense, our digital selves are anchored to our physical bodies. ~nathan

  3. kiyallsmith says:

    I have to echo socialtechno’s comment. Technology’s mediation of social interactions is going to change the social in unknown but huge ways. I confronted this recently when shopping for Christmas gifts for my nieces. Aged 6 and 8, all three of their gift lists were dominated by the hardware that will facilitate internet-mediated relationships.


  4. nmccoy1 says:

    The issue of honesty and dishonesty may in fact be a false dualism. At issue is not necessarily what one lies about but rather that hegemonic norms filter an individual’s presentation of self. Not only is technology and consumerist logic mediating intimacy but there is also a transformation of intimate relationships into commodities.

  1. 13th February 2010

    […] the web (she did as well) but could not find a longer reference to the article. Here is one about The Presentation of Self. This article is actually the reverse of what I was searching for, but reminded me that there is […]

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