Star Wars: A New Hope Awakens…

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  1. Eduardo says:

    Amazing! What would you make of Kylo Ren though? Or the implications of the political environment that surrounds the story? Or, even better, the “awakening” effect it had on the vast array of fans? What does this return to fantasy mean?

    Thank you! I loved the article.

    • brittneydennis says:

      Thanks Eduardo! I wanted to write about Kylo Ren and Poe Dameron as the actors and characters are very influential to me in the episode as well. Kylo Ren is a really interesting character and I would liken his arc to Gramsci’s political and military hegemony (on a galactic instead of global scale). I would liken Poe to Durkheim’s collective consciousness of The Resistance (where I have some things to say about other characters in The Resistance as well). I think Poe’s role would be equivalent to that of a literal hactivist. He infiltrated Starkiller Base and supplied the final blow towards its destruction. As far as the fans I think they are invigorated with the new trilogy. Just from searching articles and blogs it seems as the story and feel of these movies is for the fans what many envisioned for the second trilogy. With the new strides for representation in Hollywood (such as The Flash casting, Suicide Squad casting, SW:TFA Ep VII casting, Legends of Tomorrow casting, etc.) the fan basses are definitely growing as they appeal to more and more audiences and a sense of hope is definitely apparent.

  2. Daniel Jordan, PhD, ABPP says:

    The psychological point that I finally noted is that the story has morphed into a very expensive version of the old “Dark Crystal” puppet movie. It is about a “split” between good (light) and dark (evil, too bad light and dark are the metaphors on so many levels!), and how the problems of the universe can be resolved by fixing the split, bringing the two sides back together. It’s all very Melanie Klein and Wilfred Bion.

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