Immigration Reform: Misplaced Responsibility

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2 Responses

  1. Keri says:

    It seems to me that even the language “immigration reform” suggests a lack of change in policy and instead a change in behavior: Immigration.

    I find it interesting that you left out citizenship in your discussion of more comprehensive reform. The concept of citizenship, and its ties to the geographical boundaries of a state, remains central to immigration. In a world where cash and commodities move freely across physical and virtual boundaries, only people are contained by the state. This creates a very unequal distribution of power that will require policy change both within and beyond US boundaries.


  2. It fits our needs perfectly the advantage of immigration reform on the country: Greater supply of unskilled workers, a younger workforce, and skilled workers in needed sectors. But there is also a disadvantage of immigration reform like Greater poverty, more educational cost, lower unskilled wage levels, and increased danger of terrorism. Thanks to the post!

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