Men's Room: why space is a feminist issue

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  1. Roger Tyers says:

    Great article. As a self-identified male feminist it’s good to remind oneself of the importance of granting space to women. The Iris Marion Young notion that men like to spread out and women generally feel inclined to ‘shrink’ is a fascinating one, and makes me wonder if that is a natural predisposition or a socialized one.

  2. Sara says:

    You should leave your hate filled words somewhere else. They don’t belong in this forum.

  3. scarlettbrown says:

    It really, really makes my life easier when internet trolls prove the very point I am making, underneath where I make it. Thanks, “fuckyou” (the pseudonym used by the commenter). You’ve been a great help!

  4. Sociology Lens says:

    (scarlettbrown and Sara’s comments are in reference to a hateful and incendiary comment posted by an anonymous reader that has been deleted)

  5. Richard says:

    Why should another person have to be a mind reader because of your internal feelings? Should I also demand that all women stop wearing perfume because it is offensive to my sense of smell? Can I now demand women stop putting on makeup because I dislike the fabricated faces they wear? Where does this ridiculous line of reasoning end?

  6. scarlettbrown says:

    Hi Richard,
    I’m not asking people to be a mindreader, just giving them a bit of a heads up that for women (and some men, i’m sure), getting in my personal space can be very intrusive in a way you might not have thought about.

    I don’t wear perfume for exactly that reason, so at least on that one we agree. I don’t know where makeup really comes into that, because I didn’t say anything about disliking anyone’s face. So maybe that’s where the ridiculous line of reasoning ends?

  1. 9th April 2015

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