Fiction in the Sociology Classroom?

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5 Responses

  1. Marisol Clark-Ibanez says:

    Hello! My colleagues and I wrote about using fiction and non-fiction in Sociology courses. Published in Teaching Sociology (cite below). Love your description of a Social Science novel! mci

    Castellano, Ursula, Joseph DeAngelis, & Marisol Clark- Ibáñez. “Cultivating the Sociological Perspective Using Nontraditional Texts,” Teaching Sociology, 26 (3) July

    • Tricia Clarke says:

      Thank you for sharing the link to your research! It provides much needed support for the place in literature in helping to shape our thinking about life and living.

    • Tricia Clarke says:

      Thank you for sharing your work with students on the impact of how reading novels helped students to understand sociological concepts!

  2. Karina says:

    As a sociology student looking into PhD programs and wanting to get a head start on some important works in sex and gender, I’ve been wary to go out of way to read such social science fiction novels. Do you recommend this more for intro classes to open up dialogue and then introduce traditional nonfiction works? I ask because I’m considering teaching at the university level. Also, what were the nonfiction books that you assigned alongside Low Fat Love?

  3. amanda says:

    I took a feminist science fiction class and it was one of the best classes. We spend so much being deconstructive in the classroom…fiction, especially speculative fiction, let’s us think about how to recreate things, and evaluate challenges to the status quo in a different way.

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