Students protest in Puerto Rico, but where's the news coverage?

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  1. Yarimar Bonilla says:

    thank you for your post – i have forwarded it to the NY Times 🙂

  2. Dena T. Smith says:

    As a brief follow-up:

    The New York Times finally covered the story of the protests this morning. While it is unclear what finally pushed them to do so, it is likely a result of all the letters they have received about their lack of attention to the situation at UPR. The issue of what makes certain events a part of the national (or international) consciousness and therefore eventually a part of an historical narrative should always be considered alongside the question of WHO has the power to change the narrative. Here, a powerful media outlet has brought an event into the foreground that might previously gone unrecognized. We should also, of course, take into account the fact that the protests themselves are, themselves, over issues of power – the protests are largely inspired by an attempt to protect the ability of low income students to afford a college education.
    The story is posted below:

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