On the mutual exclusivity of science and religion and other cognitive clashes

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  1. refl239 says:

    The vast majority of the world’s peoples do not view themselves simply as material beings responding to material exigencies and circumstances, but rather as beings endowed with spiritual sensibility and purpose.

    The historic dichotomy between reason and faith is a false dichotomy. They are complementary dimensions of human nature that both engage in the process of discovering and understanding reality; they are both tools that enable human beings to apprehend truth–however limited in conception.

    Taken together, science and religion provide the fundamental organizing principles by which individuals, communities, and institutions function and evolve. Utilizing the methods of science allows people to become more objective and systematic in their approach to problem solving and in their understanding of social processes, while drawing on the spiritual inclinations of individuals provides the motivational impetus that begets and sustains positive action. Meaningful transformation of the conditions of society does not simply involve the acquisition of technical skills, but more important, the development of qualities and attitudes that foster cooperative and creative patterns of human interaction.

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