I Spoke Up: Politics and Social Media in Tory Britain

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12 Responses

  1. Ellen giddey says:

    A thoughtful, relevant and inspiring article. I’m going to make’Hope not fear’ my mantra. ☀️

  2. Lesley Gent says:

    Well said Jo

  3. pat houlden says:

    You are your mothers daughter. Hats off hon and well donexxx stolen and sharedxx

  4. Vicky Davies says:

    I’m with you Jo… a well written, honest & inspiring article!

  5. Bronwen Davies says:

    I only really ever use my Facebook account for political organisation (specifically, opposing the religious bigots who’ve taken to harassing women going for medical and counselling appointments in Cardiff city centre over the last couple of years).
    If I see one more video of an animal doing something “cute” I will scream.
    So I’m not aware of the view that social media “shouldn’t” be used for “political” purposes and I find it quaint.
    I really like the way you’ve summed up both how I feel and what seems to be going on since 8th May. We are not alone and we are not depressed and despairing: we are angry and determined to do something to oppose Tory and UKIP ideologies.
    Left and proud, indeed!

  6. Well written and I agree 100%. I am elderly and my public demonstration days are over, but I will applaud and support any one who does protest.

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