The Nation in the Global Economy

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2 Responses

  1. Tom Awtry says:

    Europe and the United States were winning the globalization race until 2008, as master bankers handling the export earnings of other states.

    The flip side of the equation is that the United States and Europe gained cash but lost their bread-and-butter capability – manufacturing.

  2. kiyallsmith says:

    I think the USB announcement is less about discourse and more about how the state (not nation-state) carries out one of its primary tasks in a global economy: regulating and enforcing social contracts. To tax American citizens for income on earned interest, the government requires the compliance of banks inside the US, and in the global finance era banks outside US boundaries now comply. Finance is one of the most globalized fractions of the economy–it is not surprising that this most globalized segment is the frontier of the globalization of state functions (regulation and enforcement).

    Great link to the Blackwell Companion–this is an invaluable reference. And this is a very interesting news story, too. Thanks for the tip.


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