Gingrich’s Bling and Neoliberal Ideology

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2 Responses

  1. Mike says:

    “In other words, negative evaluations of the wealthy could serve as a basis for questions about how the economic system functions.”

    Unfortunately, I think this is not true. It could only be true if “rich” became synonymous with “immoral” – and since most Americans dream that they might be rich too, they are unlikely to reach this conclusion. They wouldn’t want to be thought of as immoral once they reach that goal, so it also depends on believing that “maybe I have the chance if only I work hard, etc.” At best, the elite only need to provide a bare minimum of social mobility in order to maintain this fantasy.

  2. Xavar says:

    the term “neoliberal” arose during the first meetings of the mont pelerin society after they added a few socialdemocratic components to their ideology. (so they oppose free market)

    you mean some sort of classical liberalism where you ignored wealth-factors like luck, voluntary gifts (like heritage) or simple postmaterialist indifference to wealth. (not everyone -me for example- wants to spend 10h a day just to earn money)

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