Dear Progressive Friends: Do You Actually Care About Criminal Justice Reform?

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2 Responses

  1. Azhar says:

    Well said Prya.

  2. Dustin says:

    You said you handle misto cases…mostly nonviolent offenses. It is my experience that many of those charged with misto charges have received warning after warning before criminal charges are filed. I am a cop who works with the homeless and socio-economically challenged. I give big breaks “warnings” every day in an attempt to get people into treatment and/or a better place in their life. But, there are those people who do not care about the law or the community to which they live-they suck the resources dry costing taxpayer lots of money. Those people need to be incarcerated, shamed publicly and forced to go through the adversarial system. I also work with kids as I teach a court mandated MIP class. I build positive relationships with those kids and talk about how personal shame can be used as a positive change maker in their lives. I have good results… As an officer, I give everyone I contact great respect and leeway when it comes to criminal charges.

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