Italy's cosmetic breast augmentation bill: Bio-power or pro-social response?

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2 Responses

  1. Keri says:

    What an strange law. It is hard to imagine how to prove the existence of “medical reasons” for cosmetic surgery. Do you think this means that the Italian governing body means to outlaw breast augmentation for girls–without directly doing so? I wonder how likely it is that this law will also be applied to adult women in Italy, and if there would be any cosmetic procedures that would be similarly prohibited for men?


  2. Theresa says:

    While I agree that the media has a large influence on the “ideal body” that young women aspire to have, there are many other factors that go into a female wanting breasts. I know many young women who want larger breasts to feel more feminine and sexy. I disagree with the article that femininity is oppressive. There are plenty of women out there who are not feminine, and I doubt that has any correlation with the size of their breasts. For small chested women, it is sometimes difficult to feel completely matured when one’s body resembles that of a prepubescent teen. For women whose mother’s have large breasts, it can be a huge disappointment to be small chested. Since most females develop breasts in middle and high school, it should be expected that the girls who do not develop with their peers will want to find other ways to fit in. Cosmetic surgery is obviously a huge decision, but I believe that parents are responsible for helping their children to make the right life choices (generally speaking). In this situation, however, I do not believe the law is overstepping it’s boundaries. People do not stop growing before the age of 18, so no doctor should even be willing to operate on someone before that age. And I agree with Keri-what medical reason could there be to get breast implants? It is far more likely that one would get a breast reduction for medical reasons.

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