Rehabilitation: The Cheaper Option?

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2 Responses

  1. kiyallsmith says:

    What an interesting point about the role of the economy and criminological theories.

    I wonder about the importance of the focus on individuals in Western societies, too. Indigenous Americans focused on reform in part because the community needed the contributions of everyone. Something similar occurred in Rwanda with the Gacaca trials after the genocide.


  2. paulabowles says:

    Keri, you make an interesting point. I do, however, wonder if the focus on individuals is perhaps more common in Anglophone , rather than Western societies.

    An interesting comparison can be drawn between the treatment of James Bulger’s killers in Liverpool, and the murderers of Beate Redergard in Norway. Both cases involved children killing children, but the way in which they were handled shows striking differences, particularly in relation to belief in the power of rehabilitation.

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