The Color of Evil: How American Media Racializes Villains

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  1. Frances says:

    Very fascinating! i am doing my film studies coursework on this exact topic !

  2. Puck says:

    Been noticing this a lot more recently, especially with animated films where the color of the actor doesn’t really matter when it comes to the race/racialization of the character. So it did not escape my notice that the ONE POC in How To Train Your Dragon 2 was also the big bad.

    One tiny nitpick (sorry!): Simba’s dad in The Lion King is Mufasa not Mustafa.

  1. 30th January 2014

    […] how the “best actor” for any heroic role more often than not just happens to be white; there seems to be no shortage of “best actors” with dark skin for villains in film. But it’s just a coincidence that no acting Oscar has gone to a Latin@, Native American, or Asian […]

  2. 3rd February 2014

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  3. 3rd October 2014

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  4. 16th April 2015

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  5. 21st September 2016

    […] But it’s not just Hollywood. From advertisements, to cultural icons like White Jesus, American society, perhaps subconsciously for some, shine the most favorable light to those with fair skin. […]

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