Sniffing the City

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2 Responses

  1. kiyallsmith says:

    I wonder how the conception of ownership might shift depending upon the intended use of the image. For instance, it seems very different if sniffing is hacktivism or if it involves malicious intent towards the persons photographed?


  2. pacard says:

    You are absolutely right: think that sometimes we came up with pics of babies surveilled in their cots (which in itself is another good sociological topic)! Obviously, there are a lot of big ethical issues, but that is *exactly* the point of creating an inversion, a disorderly association of events, a chaotic and unpredictable montage of stolen clips, in order to unsettle established moral positions. So that at the end, you are not so sure who is in the right and who in the wrong.
    Cheers. Paolo

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