“I Missed the Joke”: Race, Rupert Murdoch, and the NAACP

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3 Responses

  1. kiyallsmith says:

    Interesting point about the structural factors at play. It brings up the classic sociological question of structure and agency. If an African American person sat on the editorial board that approved this cartoon, would it then not be racist? Or would the publication of the cartoon be less controversial?

    Thanks for this different perspective.


  2. nickiewild says:

    kiyallsmith – thanks for the comment! If you look at it another way, I think that what the NAACP guy was saying was that if there had been an African American present, that perhaps the cartoon would not have been published at all. Maybe he or she would have said, “uh, wait a minute, that’s probably going to appear very racist,” something the Post editors clearly did not anticipate!

  3. kiyallsmith says:


    That would definitely be ideal!


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