Money as a Form of Social Interaction

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  1. enteringthewhirlpool says:

    Exchange, through the medium of money, is the economic realization of a society’s values and desires, power relations and status.

    Correct. The ability of prices to aggregate huge amounts of data is truly a thing of wonder. When buying a chocolate bar it is possible to think that the fact that someone, sometime in the near past, many 1000s of miles away who may have skipped a gym session and thus not drank a hot chocolate afterwards is indirectly affecting the price of my chocolate bar.

  2. kiyallsmith says:

    It is easy to regard money uncritically, but thinking about it as Simmel does reveals so much about inequality in the world. Reading your post I am sorry that I had to take Simmel out of my Theory syllabus this year. Thanks for brining Simmel to this conversation.


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