‘Carnage’ at the War Memorial

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3 Responses

  1. kiyallsmith says:

    The strong emotional reaction to the teenager’s actions show that there are serious underlying opinions regarding the British military. I wonder how it is that these debates are kept just below the surface, and it makes me think about power, money, and the media. I wonder what would push that discussion into the public domain?

    Thank you for a thoughtful post about an odd incident.


  2. paulabowles says:

    I think in many ways stories like this allow the public to vent their spleen safely. By turning the spotlight firmly upon Laing – and now the wider issue of student’s and their social lives – all of the emotions attached to Remembrance can be released. However, I fully agree that it will be some time (if ever) for the wider concerns relating to the British military to make their way into the mainstream media.

  3. paulabowles says:

    Philip Laing has been sentenced to 250 community service. On sentencing District Judge Anthony Browne said:

    ‘I have never seen anyone more contrite for what has happened nor one who regrets more the hurt and distress he has caused.’

    However, Laing still has to face the wrath and disciplinary procedure of his university.


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