Tupac in Gaza

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  1. kiyallsmith says:

    These are some great empirical examples of local agency in response to cultural imperialism. I appreciated India’s creative interpretation of a veggie burger last year. They are great tasting, but may not be as recognizable as a “burger.”

    I wonder if this issue is pointing to another iteration of the structure-agency debate?

  2. nathanjurgenson says:

    Agreed! A well rounded approach recognizes both (1) the agentic hybridization of global products by localities (“glocalization”), as well as (2) the ways in which global/structural products ‘grow’ themselves over localities in a top-down fashion (“grobalization”). Both glocal and grobalization exist in globalization, and writing should reflect this. In addition to the examples in this post, we should be equally harsh on literature that only focuses on agentic localities, and there is plenty of glocal-centric lit out there…

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