Dame(sel) in Distress?

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  1. anytree says:

    I live in the belly of the beast, the American Southeast. In my community, rape is underreported because it is same-sex rape and/or rape that involved trans people. Coming out to the police, especially in the South, could be further traumatizing. Furthermore, sending a trans person to jail is harmful to that individual as well as to community. The criminal justice system is not set up to respond to the needs of survivors who are LGBTQ, nor to keep safe our rapists who are LGBTQ.

    In this case, I think responses other than reporting rape to the police are necessary. In my community, we are talking about creating queer survivor groups or places within community where we can hold our rapists accountable. If you know of any resources or models to such groups, please send them my way.

  2. kiyallsmith says:

    Studying rape as a social problem calls on us to look at the role of the broader social context instead of just at individual behaviors. This is a great way to get past looking at the women who “ask for it” and the “delinquent” individual men who commit the crimes.

  3. socmatters says:

    Anytree, you make some very important points about the problems of reporting rape. Bottom line is that ‘reporting rape’ is clearly not always desirable from several standpoints. Your points about LGBTQ community must continue to make themselves into the broader dialogue about rape. One thing we can do as those who care about the issue is, as kiyallsmith acknowledges, insist on a critical examination of the structural and cultural context within which rape occurs. I am not familiar with any specific queer survivor groups but many LGBTQ community centers work to advocate for such programs. It sounds like a great project to work in collaboration with any local victims advocacy (e.g. rape crisis, battered women’s organizations) to get started. As far as resources, I would suggest checking out the website of Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network (RAINN) for general information at http://www.rainn.org and the National Center for Anti-Violence Programs has a special publication on violence in general in the LGBTQ community that may be helpful in writing grants for the group. This report can be found at http://www.ncavp.org/publications/NationalPubs.aspx.

  4. philipsmith says:

    I imagine that a link will be incoming any moment, but this post features on the carnival against sexual violence http://abyss2hope.blogspot.com/2008/12/carnival-against-sexual-violence-60.html congrats to Socmatters.

    Our sister blog, Religion Compass Exchanges had a post on a related subject which you may also find of interest http://religioncompass.wordpress.com/2008/07/22/news-benedict-xvi-meets-victims-of-sex-abuse/.

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